How to host the website or application over the internet for free


I observed nowadays most of people exposing their business over the internet. People also want to reduce the initial cost of development and hosting. Therefore, I decided to write this blog to help that audience to host their business over the internet for free.


To host a business website/application over the internet you need following:

  1. One web site/application must be up and running


Steps to Host web site/application over the internet:


To host the application, a DNS(Domain Name Service) is required which is already exposed to the internet. For that visit to register for free and subscribe the free dynamic DNS. This subscription will allow to add 3 new dynamic DNS for free.



ISP always changes your IP address over the internet so this could be a problem for the website therefore noip has an application to detect the change in machine IP and update the IP with no-ip DNS name which makes web site/application all time running.

download Dynamic Update Client from here to update the latest IP.


Step 2:

After Step 1 , you have free dynamic DNS like  Now the step 2 to enable the router/modem to accept the traffic from external IP/DNS.

Suppose the local web site/application is running on https://localhost:8888 then the external traffic from port 80 must be redirect to the same port in your modem by accessing the default gateway.

To check the default gateway in Windows/Unix/Linux/OSx:

run  netstat -r -n  command . Routing table will show below and get the default gateway ip address.


Once logged in to the router and locate port forwarding in advance setting then it’s ask to fill internal and external ip address and port to accept the traffic like below.


Enter required fields as Local IP, application running port(e.g. 8888), external port 80 and leave the external IP as except  Select protocol as both to allow TCP and UDP.

Step 3:

Navigate this to check open port 80. If this shows closed then set port forwarding properly.

Once port is open and local web site/application up and running then all set to use local web site using the no-ip dynamic DNS name.

I configured everything and I made my local machine as server to host my website. there would be a chance if you try the this wont work as this is connected to my local machine which wont be up.


Thank you very much to visit this blog and if you are running into problem then leave the comment to help you further.

It’s really helpful when you are building your own website or small business application to expose over the internet.

I will also explain about to move or load a word press website from one server to other server in my next blog.



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