How to publish domain name over the internet with different hosting provider


Here, to explain the steps to publish the web site/application and different combination of hosting provider and domain provider.


  • One web site/application up and running

Domain and Hosting Provider Combination:

There are only two combination of domain and hosting provider. Both can be as same provider or different provider. This is important to know that we can also host web site/application with different provider with the lowest cost and the best service based on the convenience. If same company is providing both then it’s easy to renew and make configuration bit quicker than having two different provider.

Here, I will explain about how to host a web site/application with different providers.

Step 1- Buy Domain Name

To host web site, there is a need to have internet DNS(Domain Name Service). DNS can be bought from any domain provider and

Step 2- Check Domain up and running

To check the domain once you bought that. You simply type in the domain address in any browser and if you see blank page then considered it’s working fine.

Step 3-Buy Hosting Plan

In step-1 we just bought a domain which is more like unique identifier for your server. As we didn’t buy any hosting plan to place actual files of the web site.

Hosting provider provides the server hostname and IP address with its FTP access to upload/download the websites changes.

Step 4- Configure Domain Name as hosting server

This step is most important when having different provider scenario. To enable your domain name on your hosting server, need to update the “name server configuration” on domain name provider control panel in publish section.


Click on Manage


Click on domain name


The value to be update as name server/s in domain name provider portal, is mentioned in hosting provider account section.

Login into domain name provider portal with valid credential and the navigate your domain name setting. Find name server configuration and update as you have hosting server name/IP from hosting provider portal.

Hosting Provider  Default DNS Server 

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-8-24-13-pmStep 5 check the domain name again

After redirecting the traffic to the new hosting server. If domain name will open with blank page then conclusion is that :

Domain name has been configured correctly with hosting server. 






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