Setup Websphere from scratch using IBM Installation Manager

Objective : To demonstrate the steps to setup websphere profile using IBM Installation Manager and address some problems which usually come. Apart from this, I will also explain how to export and import websphere profile configuration from one server profile to another.

Lets jump into steps to setup websphere profile.

  • To start installation, we must have IBM Id . If you don’t have IBM Id then – Get IBM ID here
  • Download the IBM Installation Manager from IBM
  • Downloaded either 32 or 64 bit version based on your OS
  • Extract the to C:IBM\IM
  • Run as Administrator <IM Installation Directory>\install.exe
  • Once installation is done then start the IM then you will see below screen


  • Confgure HTTP Proxy if required .

To configure HTTP proxy, navigate window> preferences


  • Configure Repository WAS repo over Internet:  WAS repo over


  • Once HTTP proxy and repository configured then jump to click to install Follow installation document to installation steps.
  • If you see below error to create the profile by Installation manager


    • To fix above problem, you need to change one file which is at below location: <WAS Installation Directory>\bin\ProfileManagement\eclipse64\configuration\config.ini
    • You will find below two lines:

replace @user.home with any other directory or user home directory path, where user has write access

  • Once you made this change then run <WAS Installation Directory>\bin\ProfileManagement\pmt.bat

You will see PMT running. Good to go to create one profile.


Once the profile is created.


You have installed Websphere Profile successfully….


Now lets move to second part, which is about to import existing configuration using *.car (Configuration Archive).

Suppose we have profile’s configuration file named

  • Command to import the configuration in the profile run following command

  •  Command to export configuration



This blog clears the steps to install, configure the websphere profile from scratch and import/export configuration from one server profile to another.




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